I serve clients who are interested in transforming their relationship with themselves, their children, and who want to create more peace in their life. My clients feel lost or stuck in their parenting, their relationship with their children or their partner in parenting.  Clients I work with want to believe that there is something out there greater than where they are now, they just don't know how to get there. Their dream of parenting is not what they are experiencing now and they want to know how to get the joy in parenting back. They feel stuck in a pattern and strongly desire to change the momentum in their parenting and family.

Parenting is a difficult job and you might be at a place where you just don't know what to do.  You might feel distance and feel that your relationship with your child is suffering.  Perhaps you struggle with worry and guilt because your experience of parenting is not what you thought it would be.  As a parent coach who has worked with many families, I can help you!

I want to help you get the connection you desire back!  It is possible!  My program is designed to work with your unique situation to help you gain the confidence, connection, and peace you desire.  

Does my mission speak to YOU?  Are you one of the parents whose experience of parenting is NOT what you thought it would be?  Do you often wonder if things could be different with your child?  Do you want to stop struggling as a parent and feel confident in your parenting style every day?  Do you desire more peace in your home? If so, I invite you to sign up for my “Confident Parenting” Consultation. 

I am a licensed psychotherapist and parenting coach in Denver Colorado.  I have worked in an agency setting, working with teens and their families, as well as in private practice for years.  My desire is to help parents view relationship with their children as the fastest portal to growth and evolution.  Understanding that the power to change your life is already within you!